Saint Charles Lwanga Catholic Church

Arua, Uganda

Youth perform a theatrical play outside Saint Charles Lwanga Catholic Church. The production was written, directed and performed by South Sudanese refugees living in northern Uganda. 

The hourlong performance addressed difficulties within the South Sudanese refugee community including witchcraft, alcoholism and challenging family dynamics. It also underscored the importance of faith and religion in resisting temptation, maintaining strong family relationships and cultivating a unified South Sudanese community in Uganda. 


Youth from Saint Charles Lwanga Catholic Church wait for the theater production to begin. 


Actors perform a short vignette about the negative influence of witchcraft on South Sudanese families and communities. 


A child performs witchcraft on a father and his family.


A witch doctor places a curse on a Christian family during a theater performance in Arua, Uganda.


A minister, played by a South Sudanese refugee, prays for the religious redemption of the witch doctor and his children.