Liz Storer | Lead Researcher & PhD Student

Liz is the lead researcher on this project and a PhD student based at the Department of International Development, London School of Economics and Political Science. Her doctoral research explores local conceptions of justice at the borderlands in West Nile, Uganda. 

Liz has a particular interest in exploring the role of spirituality in everyday life, and the multiplicity logics that constitute faith in Africa. 

She has previously worked for the British Institute in Eastern Africa, the Parliamentary Group for the Sudans and for London-based consultancies. 

Liz has lived in Arua since early 2016, and provided ethnographic research for this project.



Katie G. Nelson | Journalist & Photographer

Katie G. Nelson is a freelance journalist and photographer covering human rights, global health and accountability issues in East Africa.

Nelson’s work — and life — is centered around her insatiable wanderlust, genuine curiosity about others and desire to connect seemingly disparate experiences into a collective sense of humanity. She believes her life’s meaning is to bear witness to those who have been silenced and to find strength in the stories of those who remain. 



Alice Afia | Field Coordinator

Alice provided invaluable research assistance throughout the duration of this project.